How to Tie Your Shoelaces

Although most people know only one way to tie shoes, there are at least a dozen, if not more methods that are relatively easy to do. Shoelace tying can be an art form when done right and provide you with a unique look that you can do by yourself. Plus, the right shoelace tying methods can be enhanced if you purchase the right color shoelaces.

Here are three methods of how to tie your shoelaces which are sure to garner attention and make a boring activity more fun. Remember, you can always practice different tying methods to create unique patterns while still have a shoe that can be secure. Also remember to not tie the shoelaces too tight so that your feet can still get the proper circulation.

Invisible Knot

This odd-looking pattern is sure to grab attention since no one can see the knot. Start at the second hole from the back and create a bar with the shoelace. Repeat going down toward the toe and hide the shoelace underneath. Once completed, you can tie the knot at the top normally and tuck it under the tongue of the shoe, leaving the top or first hole open. The result is a pattern of parallel lines created by your shoelaces with no visible knot. Try keeping the knot in the middle so that it does not rub against the top of your foot. That way, your shoes will stay comfortable.

invisible knot tie your shoes

Lattice Pattern

This is a seemingly intricate pattern created by your shoelaces which is easy to do. You start by running a lace through the second hole from the back to reach the fifth hole on the opposite side. Now, repeat three times going down toward the front of the show. Then, go back up in the opposite manner until the vacant holes have been filled. Pull both laces through the top holes at the back of the shoe and tie them together.

Two-Color Design

This requires two colors of shoelaces, so you can go with black and white, red and green, blue and yellow, or whatever color combination you prefer. Take the first shoelace, enter it through the second hole from the back, tuck underneath the side and then weave it through the third holes. Do the same with alternating holes going down to the toe of the shoe. Once completed, snip the end of the shoelace.

Now, take the other color and repeat the pattern using the empty holes so you have an alternating pattern of shoelace colors. Once completed, snip the end of the shoelace so that both are of even length. Tie both ends into knots and your two-color shoelace design pattern is ready.

Shoelace tying can be more than just a daily routine, you can liven up your style by choosing an invisible knot, lattice pattern, or two-color design. There are other shoelace tying methods that you can try, but these three are a good place to start since they are simple and require little effort for the marvelous effect that they create.