How to Find the Right Shoes for Flat Feet

Today, millions of people who have flat feet walk around in shoes designed for those who still have arches. The flat feet pain can be considerable because normal shoes are not designed to provide the support needed. This means that you will need insoles for flat feet or obtain the best shows for flat feet that provide what you need to walk comfortably.

best shoes for flat feet

Why the Right Shoes are Important?

For those with flat feet who have never purchased shoes specifically for their condition, you may have experienced a little to a lot of pain from time to time because of the lack of support. Although your feet may be flat, they need more arch support than those who do not have flat feet. This is because of how people walk that requires good support so that you maintain your balance and distribute your weight evenly across your feet.

Uneven distribution combined with the inability to shift the weight while walking leads to more than just pain in the feet, it also affects your posture which means potential issues for your joints, especially the knees, hips, and back. In essence, the correct support of your flat feet means avoiding issues that may affect other parts of your body.

Keep in mind that feet with normal arches only touch the ground at the heel, side, and ball area around the toes. Flat feet more in contact with the ground which results is issues that

What are the Best Shoes for Flat Feet?

The best shoes for feet that are flat generally have stronger arch support than normal shoes and orthotic devices that are inserted for even greater support. This prevent pain from occurring due to incorrect support and the condition known as over pronation. Over pronation is when the feet tend to roll inwards on every step. The result is pain in the legs and back due to the muscles over-compensating for the inward roll.

If your knees or hips hurt after walking, then you are probably suffering from over pronation. You will need to see a podiatrist for confirmation. Correcting the issue will mean more than just reducing the pain you feel in your feet, but in other parts of your body as well. This means that the best shoes for flat feet are those that prevent flat feet pain by providing the right support for walking, running, and standing.

In addition, you’ll want to choose footwear from a good, reliable brand so that you get the quality of support necessary over a long time. You may also want to choose special insoles for flat feet so that you can add to the support necessary to keep you balanced. It also helps to choose a wider shoe so that you can help prevent over pronation and walk with more confidence.

If you have flat feet, a trip to your podiatrist may be needed to help you find the right type of shoes. They can offer recommendations for what works best for your feet.